West End Church of Christ

a restoration church founded in 1929

We believe that God is the Alpha and the Omega, that he is both the foundation and the end goal for all of history and our lives.

We believe God has given us the meta-narrative of a redemption story that starts and ends with creation and life.

We believe the ultimate fulfillment of God's covenant with His creation is through Jesus Christ.

We believe in Jesus as the author and protector of our Faith.

We believe in the public expression of individual Faith through baptism.

Because of these beliefs, we hold fast to vision and values.

A Vision wherein God has given his believers a glimpse of a future so wonderful that it forces us to act differently in the present.

And Values that guide our decisions and actions here on earth.

Our Vision:

A Place to Belong

Our Values:

diversity - grace in love - generational roots - personal bible study







3534 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37205


Meeting times

Sunday | worship 10:00 am
Sunday | bible.study 9:00 am
Sunday | evenings 6:00 pm

Wednesday | meals 5:30 pm

2016 Wednesday Meals will resume in the Fall

Wednesday | round.table 

6:30 pm